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January 2, 2010

Alana Michele

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I finally have a little girl, yep she’s mine all mine.  Okay I have to share her with Isaac.  Okay and my sister but who’s counting.  My sister and I have the same dna so Alana’s mine too right???

Alana Michele 7lbs, 7oz, 21 inches long born on November 27th

November 18, 2009

Fall Leaves

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I love Fall.  I wish it would actually show up once in a while.  Summer is in a knock down drag out fight to hang on. Here’s for you Fall…I’m rooting for you! (Summer~please don’t get me wrong, I do love you too, it’s just that well, it’s time for Fall)

November 14, 2009

Baby Shower

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Hello Friends and family…it’s been a while!    I threw a baby shower last month.  I feel like my life was consumed with the shower before hand and now that it’s over I’ve been very lazy.   Since I’m lacking kiddo picutres(nice mom I am huh?) here are some shower picutres. 




September 18, 2009

Sprucing Up the Place

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We’ve been busy gardening.  Although it doesn’t look like a lot, it was  A LOT of work…and money.  Who knew plants are expensive and it adds up quick!  We had a friend design and implement our garden, we couldn’t have done it without her.  If anyone needs a landscaper we have the duo for you! 

Garden’s by Gretchen….

Picture 132

a work in progress

no more ivy!

no more ivy!








Gretchen and Aaron

Gretchen and Aaron


Isaac in his jungle

Isaac in his jungle





so done with gardening!

so done with gardening!

September 15, 2009

Stand Up Paddle boarding

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Oh the perks we have living in sunny southern California!  It was a beautiful day for paddle boarding and the kids loved it.  I think the adults loved it even more:)

Just before going out he lost a tooth!


Surfer dude


Natalie and Elijah

Mommy and Isaac

Mommy and Isaac

September 8, 2009

Missing a tooth…

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Isaac lost his first tooth yesterday!  The tooth fairy came last night while he was sleeping.  This morning I got all the tooth fairy questions you could imagine and all my answers were “hmmmm……I don’t know”  Brilliant I know.  My poor kids.  

Picture 206

Elijah came around the corner this morning jingling a bunch of coins in a cup.  He says to me, “Mommy, I got me some money, we can go by Isaac a new tooth now.”

September 1, 2009


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Picture 096Gone are the days that we lay around in our p.j.’s all day.  Gone are the days when we can head to the beach on an uncrowded day because all the kids are back to school.  Gone are the days when we would pack lunch and head out to a park, zoo, disney, knotts, anywhere really.  Yep, we have entered into a new phase of our lives.  Everyday I must get up, feed the monkey’s breakfast and get everyone dressed and out the door by 8am.  Oh man what am I going to do?  It’s only been one day!  Isaac did great, he loves kindergarten and didn’t have any issues this morning:)

Picture 091

Issac and his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Stotts

Issac and his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Stotts

Picture 100

August 31, 2009

Hammock Time

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The boys love my hammock…best $20 I spent in Mexico!

Picture 131Picture 147Picture 128

August 10, 2009


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The boys always talk about Hawaii….this is what they said yesterday while I was gardening…

Elijah:  Mommy after you are done gardening I want to go to Hawaii

Me:  Oh honey, mommy and daddy don’t have money to go to Hawaii.  It is very expensive to go

Isaac:  Well I gave Daddy $10 the other day, you could use that to take us to Hawaii

Me:  Um….where did you get $10

Isaac:  I found it in a room at that party we went to.

Me:  Umm….that money was not yours to take, we have to give it back

Isaac:  Okay.  I know another way we can get money  

Me:  Hmm?

Isaac:  At the grocery store

Me:  Huh?  (I don’t ever get cash back and I hardly ever get $ from and atm machine)

Isaac:  Yah, I can get a job there and they will give me money.  I will give you the money and you can go to Hawaii.

 So my five year old is off to get a job….at a grocery store and I’m on my way to Hawaii!! 

Oh melt my heart:)  What a sweet boy!

July 26, 2009

Cabo San Lucas

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The beautiful Sun Rise…which I did not get up for.  You all should know me better than that.

Cabo 2009 126

Me, Michele and Lisa

Picture 009

On a banana boat ride….how old am I?!

Picture 068

Ponga’s or water taxis….

Picture 076

SUP or Stand up paddle boarding  .  It was awesome, I highly recommend it!  I even saw a sting ray while paddling.

Cabo 2009 033

Horseback riding, I highly recommend you stay away from it….I almost died 3 times in less than an hour!

Picture 027

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