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June 4, 2010

Cancun May 2010

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As you may have guessed, I love to travel.  Aaron always jokes with me about how I plan our next vacation while I’m on our current vacation.  And for the most part it’s true.  For me, I live for food and for vacations.  Okay third to Jesus and family but after that I’m all over food and vacations!  This vacation came about sometime in February while surfing the internet for cheap flights anywhere.  Well, anywhere for me is warm, tropical, beautiful and by an ocean.  Pretty much narrows it down to Mexico and Hawaii for us.  Traveling with 2 kids limits how long I am willing to be on an airplane.   Hawaii was last year which was practically free by using all our points…..we didn’t pay for our hotel and payed taxes only for 4 flights.  So this year, being pointless we had to find cheap flights and a cheap hotel and that we did.  The U.S. has a travel advisory against going to mexico so this works out great for rebelious people like me…everything is discounted!  We found flights for all four of us for under $1000.  Our hotel was a two bedroom plus partial kitchen for $259(my sis payed half this so we only payed $125) for the entire week.   Needless to say, we do vacations right and we do them for cheap!   We did get suckered into a timeshare presentation to get discounts on activities…

The Zipline

Xcaret was an amazing ecological park that had a lot of things to do and explore.  Our favorite was the underground river…..

entrance to the underground river

the underground river outside

Hanging out at the beach at our hotel….

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