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April 5, 2010

Funny Talk

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I’m truly enjoying being a stay at home mom.  I would miss so many things if I wasn’t at home with them.  Things like…..

Elijah:  Mommy, when are we going to be home?

Me: In about 15 minutes

Elijah: (Pause…)  Mommy, what did you say,  I didn’t hear you?  My ears were closed. 


Me:  Isaac how was school today?

Isaac:  Good…we have a new sight word, it’s ARE.

Me:  Oh, like, How Are you doing today?  Can you use ARE in a sentence?

Isaac:  yeah, I like to play ARE matey!  


Rapping E

Woohoo, it’s almost over and we can turn it off today (Pause……) and then we can get on the freeway!  (He was so proud of himself to make that rhyme…okay mommy was a little proud too!)


Me: Elijah, you are four, you need to be able to do this by your self.

Elijah: (Scrunched up nose)  I’m four?  When did I turn four?

Me:  Oh right you’re only 3.



  1. we(devin, mel & me) are totally laughing out loud right now as I read these to them! I really like the Isaac ARE matey!!!! that is SO funny….and Mel likes that Elijah knows how old he is!!!! haha….you & your boys are funny!

    Comment by Jennie — April 5, 2010 @ 9:14 pm

  2. You’re sweeties are so funny and cute! My ears are closed often too!

    Comment by Auntie M — April 6, 2010 @ 1:10 pm

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