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April 28, 2010

Backyard transformation!

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Yeah!  Finally we are redoing our backyard!  Nothing fancy, just correcting drainage issues and getting rid of the weeds we called our lawn.   When we are done I’ll post the finished product.

Before Renovation

The boys loved watching the "big" front loader!

My backyard today and for the next two weeks...

April 14, 2010

Gearing up for summer

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Now that I have a child in the public school system, I am going to truly enjoy summers.  The routine of the school year is great, but the non routine of summer is going to be even better!  Not having to get up, dressed, feed and out the door by 8 will do wonders for my soul!  I’m sure other moms can agree!  Anyhow, this spring break was a small taste for me as to how our summer will be.  We took a train to San Juan Capistrano, we went to the beach and the other days we did nothing! 

Squeezing the guinea pig at Zoomars

waiting for the train

bunny love

E and Me paddleboarding

Isaac and me getting ready to go out

My lifeguards in training!

April 5, 2010

Funny Talk

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I’m truly enjoying being a stay at home mom.  I would miss so many things if I wasn’t at home with them.  Things like…..

Elijah:  Mommy, when are we going to be home?

Me: In about 15 minutes

Elijah: (Pause…)  Mommy, what did you say,  I didn’t hear you?  My ears were closed. 


Me:  Isaac how was school today?

Isaac:  Good…we have a new sight word, it’s ARE.

Me:  Oh, like, How Are you doing today?  Can you use ARE in a sentence?

Isaac:  yeah, I like to play ARE matey!  


Rapping E

Woohoo, it’s almost over and we can turn it off today (Pause……) and then we can get on the freeway!  (He was so proud of himself to make that rhyme…okay mommy was a little proud too!)


Me: Elijah, you are four, you need to be able to do this by your self.

Elijah: (Scrunched up nose)  I’m four?  When did I turn four?

Me:  Oh right you’re only 3.


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