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August 31, 2009

Hammock Time

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The boys love my hammock…best $20 I spent in Mexico!

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August 10, 2009


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The boys always talk about Hawaii….this is what they said yesterday while I was gardening…

Elijah:  Mommy after you are done gardening I want to go to Hawaii

Me:  Oh honey, mommy and daddy don’t have money to go to Hawaii.  It is very expensive to go

Isaac:  Well I gave Daddy $10 the other day, you could use that to take us to Hawaii

Me:  Um….where did you get $10

Isaac:  I found it in a room at that party we went to.

Me:  Umm….that money was not yours to take, we have to give it back

Isaac:  Okay.  I know another way we can get money  

Me:  Hmm?

Isaac:  At the grocery store

Me:  Huh?  (I don’t ever get cash back and I hardly ever get $ from and atm machine)

Isaac:  Yah, I can get a job there and they will give me money.  I will give you the money and you can go to Hawaii.

 So my five year old is off to get a job….at a grocery store and I’m on my way to Hawaii!! 

Oh melt my heart:)  What a sweet boy!

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