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June 26, 2009

What Elijah wants to be when he grows up….

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Elijah told me yesterday that when he gets big like daddy he wants to be a…..tree, car, tractor, fireman and a monkey.  This mom is praying out of all these options he becomes a fireman:)  I guess I better get on my knees now….

June 25, 2009

Father’s Day

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We had a great Father’s Day spending time together as a family!  After church we went to Olamandi’s,  one of our favorite Mexican places.  It’s in Laguna and has a wonderful view of the ocean.  Of course we walked over to the ocean after lunch so the boys could play:)  Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

Picture 018

Picture 023

Picture 024


The boys wrestling with my grandpa on Father’s Day…

Picture 012

June 17, 2009

We started the summer off right…at the beach!

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The kids and I along with two of my favorite people (my sisters)  headed to Doheny Beach for some sun and fun.  The kids had a great time and we enjoyed hanging out with my grandparents. 



Isaac took this picture…he’s an aspiring photographer:) 


June 8, 2009

The World Famous Mud Run 2009

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Aaron and I did the mud run again this year.   It was a lot of fun again and the company was great as well.  Thanks for those of you who did it with us:)  You guys rock. 

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