In Need of Grace

April 30, 2009

Happy 3 Years with Elijah

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Elijah is 3 today.  I love this kid like crazy!  Good thing too, because he literally is crazy:)  I always say, it’s a good thing he’s cute and cuddly because he sure does have tornado moments.  You keep my on my toes sweetheart and I love you!  Off to Disneyland for a fun filled crazy kind of day:)picture-158

April 27, 2009

House Update

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I know I know, you want me to update my  blog.  Sorry, moving is crazy…specially with two kids.  I don’t think we realized how much stuff we have.  Stuff is the g rated version if you know what I mean.  Okay, the good news is, I took pictures to post, the bad news is I can’t find my camera right now.  So, you will have to wait even longer…sorry.  Please feel free to come by and search for my camera though…

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