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January 29, 2009

Cold Maui Days

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It’s been cold, windy and cloudy the last two days.  The boys don’t seem to be too bothered though.  They go from the pool to the “hot lava” and back to the pool again.  The hot lava is the jacuzzi in case you didn’t get it:)  We also took a sugar cane train ride…waste of money if you ask the parents but the kids enjoyed it. 

Here’s some pic’s from the last two days.






January 27, 2009

Aloha From Maui

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We started our Family Vacation on Friday….it looked a little like this…picture-0011

The boys were so good on the flight.  They’ve actually been really good this trip so far.  We’ve been busy though….doing a little of this



And a lot of this….



We even took the kids on a snorkle cruise.  Both boys went snorkling for the first time.  Isaac went to the water like a fish….


And Elijah, well, Elijah and I did this…



He was so brave!  I couldn’t believe he actually got in the water.  This was at Molokini, a crater/island in the middle of the channel.  The little boat we were on had a clear window for him to see the fishy’s.   He loved it!  I did get to snorkle with out him though:)  Aaron actaully saw a shark.  Good thing I didn’t!

We have 3 more full days on the island….check back for more pics!

January 7, 2009

Take Your Purse With You

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Because if you don’t, someone will break the window of your car ($185) and take your purse and everything in it.  Like your wallet with all your credit cards, your driver’s license($22 for a new one), social security card(if you keep it in your wallet, which you shouldn’t), your check book($12 for new checks),  your cash,  all your christmas gift cards, oh and that new cell phone your husband got for you because water ruined your old one.  Yes so ladies, take your purse with you.   This will save you countless hours standing in line at the DMV, social security office, and on the phone to cancel all your credit cards and change over your banking information.  I do not reccomend spending your day in this way so please….Take Your Purse With You!

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