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October 21, 2008

The Hard Questions

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  • Isaac: Mommy can Jesus see me right now?
  • Mommy: Yes
  • Isaac:  But why can’t I see Him?
  • Mommy:  Ummmmm……(thinking how I can explain this to an almost five year old)
  • Mommy:  Well, Jesus is in Heaven far far away.
  • Isaac:  How can he see us?
  • Mommy:  Ummm…..He has really big eyes (yeah that’s it…)
  • Isaac:  How big are his eyes?
  • Mommy:  As big as the world (then, realizing he doesn’t have a concept of how big the world is….and also wondering how I walked myself into this and praying none of this totally unsound doctrine does not stay with him…) “Well,  his eyes are as big as our house”
  • Isaac:  Oh, okay.  Mommy what are we going to do when we get to heaven?
  • Mommy: (Whew…I can answer this one!)  We are going to praise and worship Jesus. 
  • Isaac:  Then what?
  • Mommy: Ummmm…Dance in streets of Gold, hug and kiss each other….
  • Isaac:  But then what?
  • Elijah : (in the background)  Isaac, Jesus in Heaben.  He’s in Heaben.
  • Isaac:  Are we going to come back to earth after we are in Heaven?
  • Mommy:  Yes
  • Isaac:  When?
  • Mommy:  When Jesus comes back for the thousand year reign (I think i remember this being right????)
  • Isaac:  Is it going to rain when we come back?
  • Mommy:  Ummmmm
  • Isaac:  Can Jesus see us in our house? 
  • Mommy:  Yes, he can see thru walls
  • Isaac:  How can he do that?
    Mommy:  Jesus can do many things that as humans we cannot understand.
  • Isaac:  Oh, Okay
  • Mommy (sigh of relief because mommy thinks the hard questions are over)
  • Isaac:  Mommy, is Jesus going to take the good guys to heaven and leave the bad guys here?
    Mommy:  (Plopping on the couch, getting comfy for another round…)  Well….are you good? 
  • Isaac:  Yes
  • Mommy:  SIlly, you are not always good.  What happens if Jesus comes back and you haven’t been good that day?  Does he still take you?   
  • Isaac:  Yes
  • Mommy:  It doesn’t work like that.  Just because you are good doesn’t mean you are going to Heaven.  And on the other hand, just because you are bad doesn’t mean you are going to Hell.  You have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, confess your sins and choose to follow His ways.  Some days we are good and some days are not our finest hour.  Good thing we have a merciful and gracious Lord huh?
    Isaac:  (I can see his little head spinning) Yeah…..
  • Mommy (seeing relief again sets out to make lunch)
  • After Lunch…..
  • Isaac:  But mommy, will Jesus take the good guys to Heaven with him and leave the bad guys here on earth?
  • Mommy:   Ummmm…..Yes!
  • Isaac:  Mommy, I love Jesus
  • Mommy:  Oh good
  • Isaac:  Yeah, I perish Him
  • Mommy:  You mean you cherish Him?
  • Isaac:  Yes, I cherish Him


  1. Too cute! All that practice on the dog paid off!!!

    Comment by Auntie M — October 21, 2008 @ 10:11 pm

  2. Hey! I tagged you on my blog 🙂

    Comment by michelle — October 29, 2008 @ 6:58 pm

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