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October 31, 2008

I’ve been tagged…..

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I’ve been tagged by Erin Califf and Michelle Sullivan for 7 random things about me so here goes….no judgments okay!

1.  I shave my legs once a week, if that

2.  I wash my hair Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights

3.  I keep a messy house….my hubby is the house cleaner.  I think Phyllis Diller said it best:  Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. 

4. My first car was a VW Thing….and I was a very early sophomore driving…this, I’m sure gave me popularity points!

5.  I played 3 sports in high school.  Although, I only lettered in 2.  I played softball for 1 year and then gave it up because  I had played since 5th grade and was very burnt out from it. 

6.  I have an identical twin sister.  Most of you know about this but I find it odd and amazing that we can be so very different and yet so much alike.  God has a great sense of humor.  She happens to be my best friend also!

7.  I double majored in college…yet I wouldn’t choose anything remotely related to my two degrees! 

So who shall I tag?  Seems like I’m one of the last to be tagged….I’d like to hear from Kelley and Jana though….

October 21, 2008

The Hard Questions

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  • Isaac: Mommy can Jesus see me right now?
  • Mommy: Yes
  • Isaac:  But why can’t I see Him?
  • Mommy:  Ummmmm……(thinking how I can explain this to an almost five year old)
  • Mommy:  Well, Jesus is in Heaven far far away.
  • Isaac:  How can he see us?
  • Mommy:  Ummm…..He has really big eyes (yeah that’s it…)
  • Isaac:  How big are his eyes?
  • Mommy:  As big as the world (then, realizing he doesn’t have a concept of how big the world is….and also wondering how I walked myself into this and praying none of this totally unsound doctrine does not stay with him…) “Well,  his eyes are as big as our house”
  • Isaac:  Oh, okay.  Mommy what are we going to do when we get to heaven?
  • Mommy: (Whew…I can answer this one!)  We are going to praise and worship Jesus. 
  • Isaac:  Then what?
  • Mommy: Ummmm…Dance in streets of Gold, hug and kiss each other….
  • Isaac:  But then what?
  • Elijah : (in the background)  Isaac, Jesus in Heaben.  He’s in Heaben.
  • Isaac:  Are we going to come back to earth after we are in Heaven?
  • Mommy:  Yes
  • Isaac:  When?
  • Mommy:  When Jesus comes back for the thousand year reign (I think i remember this being right????)
  • Isaac:  Is it going to rain when we come back?
  • Mommy:  Ummmmm
  • Isaac:  Can Jesus see us in our house? 
  • Mommy:  Yes, he can see thru walls
  • Isaac:  How can he do that?
    Mommy:  Jesus can do many things that as humans we cannot understand.
  • Isaac:  Oh, Okay
  • Mommy (sigh of relief because mommy thinks the hard questions are over)
  • Isaac:  Mommy, is Jesus going to take the good guys to heaven and leave the bad guys here?
    Mommy:  (Plopping on the couch, getting comfy for another round…)  Well….are you good? 
  • Isaac:  Yes
  • Mommy:  SIlly, you are not always good.  What happens if Jesus comes back and you haven’t been good that day?  Does he still take you?   
  • Isaac:  Yes
  • Mommy:  It doesn’t work like that.  Just because you are good doesn’t mean you are going to Heaven.  And on the other hand, just because you are bad doesn’t mean you are going to Hell.  You have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, confess your sins and choose to follow His ways.  Some days we are good and some days are not our finest hour.  Good thing we have a merciful and gracious Lord huh?
    Isaac:  (I can see his little head spinning) Yeah…..
  • Mommy (seeing relief again sets out to make lunch)
  • After Lunch…..
  • Isaac:  But mommy, will Jesus take the good guys to Heaven with him and leave the bad guys here on earth?
  • Mommy:   Ummmm…..Yes!
  • Isaac:  Mommy, I love Jesus
  • Mommy:  Oh good
  • Isaac:  Yeah, I perish Him
  • Mommy:  You mean you cherish Him?
  • Isaac:  Yes, I cherish Him

October 20, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

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We went to the pumpkin patch last week.  We got out of there without spending a dime and the kids had a great time….

October 9, 2008

Murphy’s Law Continues….

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Yes, Murphy’s law is still following me around.  I wish I could shake it but for some reason I can’t.  My oven died this morning.  But it wasn’t just any morning.  This morning was the morning I needed to bring food for my moms group.  I stayed up until 11:30 last night putting it together so I could wake up at my normal time and put it in the oven.  But alas my oven threw a temper tantrum and in the end it won the battle. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who let me borrow many things…ovens included! So as I write, someone off craigslist is coming over to fix it.  I’m crossing my fingers, hoping the guy isn’t some kind of felon. 

  Okay the “felon” knocked on my door 15 minutes ago and he wasn’t a felon at all.  He actually fixed my oven in 15 minutes and was a nice guy.  $180 later my oven is fixed.  If any of your appliances fail you, I have his number. 

The rest of my morning consisted of me spilling half of Isaac’s antibiotics on the ground.  There’s nothing like throwing $12.75 down the drain.  I also forgot Elijah’s shoes.   I brought some of Isaac’s flip flops to the nursery (for my moms and more meeting)….which he refused to wear so I ended up carrying him all morning.  I then forgot my tuperware container and cookie sheet at that same meeting.  I’m sure I will never see them again.  Anybody happen to pick them up?

As you read below, we now have some medical bills to pay for….when will it end?  Should I pray for it to continue and then maybe it will stop?  I’ve been praying for it to end and that hasn’t helped.  What is the Lord trying to teach me here?  Anybody??!!!

As a praise though, my boys are playing so sweetly together right now.

Steri Strips and Hurricane Gel

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Two words I’ve never heard before today.  Now I know what they are and what they do.  Well, what they are supposed to do anyways.  I think the Hurricane Gel didn’t do it’s job though because I’m sure you heard my 4 and a half year old screaming bloody murder from the dr’s office all they way to your house.  It was pretty loud.  Isaac was climbing on a tree when the limb broke.  To make a long story short, he got a HUGE splinter (splinter is not even close to what it was, but for a lack of better word I’m sticking with it).  The dr. had to make an incision and dig it out.  Needless to say, the numbing gel didn’t work and I had to hold my screaming child down on the table.  I could go on but really this is by far our worst injury in the Seltzer household.  We’ve been lucky considering we have two boys.  I know more stuff like this is right around the corner.  What’s your household’s worst injury???  Oh by the way, steri strips are those bandaid like stitches and hurricane gel, if you couldn’t figure out, is SUPPOSED to numb, supposed being the key word here.

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