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July 31, 2008

Camping in Oceanside

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The boys and I went camping last week in Oceanside with my grandparents.  They loved “camping” and all that goes along with it.  The weather was beautiful and the company was wonderful!  Isaac was a fish and Elijah was a crab….sand crab that is.

July 20, 2008

My Little Man in a Tux

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This was Isaac’s first wedding and he did great.  The groomsmen kept dishing out candy/mints to him, but I was so proud because he stood up with them through the whole ceremony!   The sugar rush hit him once we got to the reception and he lit up the dance floor….all by himself! 

….The pep talk

                            In waiting….










Oh he’s so cute!  My heart melted when I saw him totally dressed!  The tux was way too big….he was measured and everything….Friar tux isn’t the greatest BTW….

July 16, 2008

A Cold Day at the Beach

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We went and spent a very cold day at the beach last week.  The sun never came out and the boys asked to go home because they were cold!  What kid wants to leave the beach?  Well, my kids.  We’ve been to the beach twice this summer and we’ve yet to see the sun!  What gives? 











Then we came home and the boys decided they wanted to take a shower….

Those of you who know my kids, knows that this is a rare moment of sweetness to each other!

July 6, 2008

Summer Memories

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My Favorite summer memories….

*The smell…yes summer has a certain smell…maybe it’s all the fruit and flower blossoms

*Playing all day long until the sun went down

*Preforming lipsyncs and plays (can’t imagine how good they were though…we must have been 9 or 10)

*Swimming in my neighbors doughboy pool and making a whirlpool

*Eating fabulous fresh fruit right from the tree, at the same neighbors house. 

*Walking to the 7-11 to get candy and slurpee’s…with the same neighbors!

*Lemonade stands

*Running away (this only happened a few times and I went to the bus stop five houses down!)

*Going to the River…Echo Lodge

*Hume Lake summer camp and other ones too

*Spending all day at the beach and then bon fires at night….love that smell too!

I’m sure I’ve missed a few….what are your favorite summer memories?   Anyone up for a bon fire this summer??

July 2, 2008

Funny talk with Isaac…

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Isaac (tummy rumbles)

Mommy (laughing and poking his tummy)  “Hey, what was that?  Are you hungry?”

Isaac (giggling) “No silly mommy, that was Jesus.”

Mommy (heart melting) “Really?  Jesus is in your tummy?”

Isaac (just a little frustrated) “No mommy, He’s in my heart”

Mommy (heart is pretty much melted at this point) “But that was your tummy talking to me.”

Isaac (pretty much frustrated at this point) “No that was Jesus in my heart talking!”


Oh how simple and sweet it is to be a child!

July 1, 2008

A birthday in the Seltzer household

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Sunday was Aaron’s 30 something birthday.  Since my hubby is not the partying type we didn’t do much.  We did get to eat out at our favorite restaurant, the old spaghetti factory.  It was there that we actually got a nice family photo.  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since we got a picture of all four of us looking at the camera.  It must be in kids nature to look away just as the camera snaps the picture.  It’s always one, if not both looking away, or making a funny face.  I wonder how in the world other families get their pictures?  I usually bribe mine with a jelly bean…don’t tell my sister!  In the words of Isaac, Happy Birthday, Birthday boy!

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